The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel leaves the Feywild and finds Hell

Out of the forest and into the fire

Pavel wakes up to find Charbor alright out of the room, talking to the locals outside in the tent village of Sigil. Charbor tells Pavel that he desires to stay as he found his connection to the Feywild and its people, but promises he won’t be gone forever. Pavel agrees to let Charbor stay, along with Caar.

Pavel follows his agreement to Mialee Ilphelkiir and leaves her a stone of far speech and giving his Fey Key (Chauntea’s Diadem) to Aelar Amakiir. Mialee told Pavel how to active the key, to imagine energy flowing through him into the key and imagining a place someone close in distance on the material plane. She steps back and Pavel does so, bringing himself, Erland Gerani and Aelar all into the material plane at the Bennigans. With Aelar’s high perception they were able to find a Monte Cristo, that Pavel promised he would bring back to Iwan Amastacia.

Once Pavel and Co. leave the Fyrekeep Forest they find the Temple of Chauntea and the Halura Mines under ablaze. There were demon like creatures attacking from inside, Pavel did detect speech and found out that they didn’t know where they were and were pissed. Pavel disposed of them and killed the demons. Pavel and Co also rushed into the mines and saved 4 miners. Pavel told Erland to get the dank fire gear off the big demon dude they got, Erland commits that it’s a little too gothic for his tastes but will make it work.

As the guards approached he explained the story of what happened to him and the mines, and who Aelar was. Pavel just said Aelar is with him and not that he was from the Fey. Pavel explains the scenario like 10 times on the way to Haluraa. But Pavel does tell the whole truth to Iwan, who was very impressed. Iwan also got his Monte Cristo.

Pavel then told what happened once again to Einar Kusk. Einar was obviously distracted, his sister comforting him. He told Pavel to keep it on the downlow. Pavel is rewarded 3k for saving the miners from the city, Pavel’s new mission is to find out what happened in the mines. Pavel gives 1k to Erland and 1k to Aelar. Pavel has Aelar move in with him, and all is good.


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