The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

The Broken Bones Lair and Back

Pavel makes it through the Broken Bones lair with the help of Elanor Kusk, Erland Gerani, and Aelar Amakiir. Made his way past Jellies, with no problem thanks to Elanor’s high magical abilities. The lair was heavily trapped with illusionary magic and magical traps that sprung. The gang found some infighting members which Pavel killed most of. He let one high-ranking member free, as he turned on Rithelm, as he wasn’t keeping the gold they stole from the bank for themselves. Pavel lets him go, and on his way out he killed a low ranking member of the Broken Bones gang in front of Pavel and Co. Pavel finds Rithelm in the head of his lair, almost like he was waiting for them. He and Elanor knew each other, they dated when they were in school together and she didn’t know he was leading the gang. Rithelm mentioned that the gold was already mostly taken, pointing to a hidden passage he was defending. He used great Illusionary magic which Elanor fought equally with until Pavel and gang brought him under. Elanor kept him under a trance as they turned in and reported to Einar Kusk.

Pavel kept 1.5k gp that he looted from the broken bones, and gave 1.6k back to the bank that was stolen from.

Also Clara works for Iwan now.


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