The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel Re-Enters the Snake Lair

- Pavel somehow got somewhat Bardic, let’s say he picked it up when Elanor was doing her Bastion routine.
- Pavel wants to go back and kill the snakes. All the snakes.
- Pavel tells Elanor ‘Ay yo, put on some mage armor’. And then she did.
- The gang approach the Temple, noticing that the gate is closed, with a stone pillar left out in the center top of the stairs, with a glowing yellow orb entangled on the top of the stone pillar
- Pavel is super hesitant about the pillar and stuff, making everyone do checks. Cato notices it is conjuration magic. Pavel has Elanor do Dispel Magic and it partially works, breaking the summoning stone just after it summons an earth elemental. Although the gang break it apart before it even forms.
- Pavel heads down the same path as before, towards the prison, cuz he doesn’t want to mix anything up.
- They make it to the altar, noticing the dead bodies of almost a hundred Yuan Ti, with the Yuan-Ti Anathema making some chant at the snake head key at the altar.
- Pavel uses some nasty smell of a hawk to distract the Yuan Ti Anathema escape with the key up the snake head where the party stayed from before.


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