The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel learns about fate and the Argons

- Pavel goes to mining camps to see how he can help. He sees mining foreman Gron Zumonin. Gron mention that the Thalmaturgy hasn’t been helping as much.
- Pavel wants to take ownership of mines, goes to see Iwan. Talks to Clara, she is frantic.
- Iwan explains how Argonian Empire is trying to take ownership of Halura from the Thalmaturgy from their broken treaty for not keeping the citizens safe from local threats.
- Pavel took partial ownership of the mines by helping funding the excavation effort, gave 1k and his salary from the thaumaturgy to pay up to 2k, 1k gold every for weeks.
- Goes to see Nerden Zukal for more transmutation, he is trying to create a mineral that can detect poison in liquids. Pavel helps him in his progress. Pavel got fabricate from Nerden for helping him out.
- Erland tells Pavel that he is a part of Moon Sight. Mentions he’s looking for the source of funding behind the Broken Bones attacks.
- Pavel got with Elanor and the professors to help prepare for the interrogation of Rithelm
- Clairis saw what they were doing and wished them luck.
- Nerden sealed the entrance behind them with a stone wall
- Pavel and Elanor got information, out of Rithelm, about The Fate, the underground cult that seems to be funding the Broken Bones, and the explosions at the mine. They were able to find out that some force inside the Argonian empire seems to be a source of the funding.
- Elanor and Pavel relayed the information to Einar about what they learned, Einar shows the coming airships of the Argon Empire.
- The next day Pavel and Co go to meet the coming Argon Empire, and they see their ships land, one small 2 medium size, but before all the Argon soldiers can undock out comes Cato, an Artificer, and Tanner, a Fighter, from the smaller ship that pulled Erland aside. Erland then pulled Pavel and
Aelar aside.
- Cato talked a bunch about how much he knew about Pavel, more than just what Erland told him in his notes. Cato says he’s a part of Moon Sight, a sort of high ranking official.
- Pavel brought Cato up to speed, telling him everything, even the part of Aelar having the key.
- Cato was able to sense the coming attack from underground, the ground cracked and snakes started flowing out, and SNAKES. So the group started fighting a bunch of Yuan-Ti. They were able to fight a bunch off but Tanner got hit a bunch and got a heavy dose of venom.
- Pavel communicated with Elanor and Einar, learning the locations of both. Elanor was able to make it to the White Spire after being cut off from the group, Einar ran bank outside where the landing was.
- Pavel using his wit was able to transmute a bridge out of a tree, and take Einar’s high heel platform shoes, to help Einar and the soldiers make it to the white spire.
- Pavel made a rousing speech on how they will take back their city from whatever is attacking it from below.


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