The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel enters the snake Lair

- Aelar has been telegraphing every (mostly useless) information he has been seeing while staking out on high statues inside the white spire.
- Pavel tells Aelar to make notes instead of talking your mental ear off.
- Cato shows Pavel the breathing masks that can be used to breathe in air in poisonous environments. He was only able to make 4, and Pavel determines himself, Cato, Elanor, and Tanner.
- Pavel knows about the Yuan – Ti, Cato talks about how they are taking over the city from the shadows now that they have a footing. Pavel alludes that Einar might know more than he is letting up, and recommends Erland and Aelar to go scouting for trouble.
- Cato has been giving Tanner some good shit to make him feel ready for the road ahead.
- Pavel told Aelar and Erland on the Halura streets and killin em.
- Pavel tries to convince Elanor to go into the sewers with them
- Pavel encounters the lizard folk who were messing with clothes, Pavel speaking draconic was able to convince them he was one of their ‘masters’, which scared the lizardfolk into submission.
- Pavel learns the god the Yuan-Ti worship here is Dendar.
- After fighting some guards the group makes it into the Temple. Pavel notices scratch marks that lead down one of the three pathways that branch off from the entrance room.
- The winding path they took had them fight undead snake monsters, and the group burned a group of guards as well while they were sleeping.
- Aelar over comms told them Paba and a few others from the Salt Lick were missing while the group was healing during a rest.
- The group found the human prisoners, including Paba who was being tortured in a mechanical snake mouth in some torture chamber.
- The path the group was taking was the inside of a stone snake creature, with the torture chamber being formed into a snakes head, with the open mouth and tongue leading into an alter room
- At the altar is a giant multiheaded snake creature with the name of, Itza
- After some intimidation Itza made a deal with Pavel that he could freely take the prisoners if Pavel doesn’t kill them. Cato was initially concerned about leaving the Key, which looked to be in the shape of a snake skull in stone.
- Pavel and the group saved the prisoners, bringing most out on a floating disk he conjured and brought them to the white spires. Pavel swore to go back right away and kill the remaining Yuan-Ti.


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