The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel finds the Feywild

Thanks to his magic rock and stick collection

Pavel finds himself in the Feywild, after a hag activated his Diadon, but does he realize this yet? With him is Erland and Charbor

Pavel meets Aelar Amakiir being attacked by Red Slaadi, Pavel makes a wonderful perception check and saves him just in time, with Charbor saving him. After Pavel knocks the Slaadi out with some mean Witches Bolts he checks up on Aelar. Aelar only talks in Elvish, being an elf from the Feywild, but speaks of the town him is from Moon Sight, which is the holding of elves, being led by Mialee Ilphelkiir, who spoke of wanting to keep the Elves under her protection. Aelar doesn’t expect Pavel to have the key, and doesn’t expect anyone from the material plane, saying that they are all fading away.

Pavel finds Dian, the original holder of his Woodland Staff, near a mirror lake. He was badly wounded, and infected with Slaadi eggs. He asked Pavel if he is putting his old staff into good use, Pavel said he was. After a few moments his stomach busted three Slaadi tadpoles, Pavel disposed of them all with acid spray.

Pavel finds Moon Sight, notices its makeshift walls of shiny dark rocks, and makeshift gate, of dark and almost metallic sliding panels. He makes his way past the tent village of the underclass and, after passing Dian off to the officials for proper burial, makes his was to see Mialee.

Mialee spoke to Pavel of the weakening weave of energy that holds the planes together, saying the material plane has, in recent couple hundrer years, has been pushed ‘out of orbit’ from the natural harmony of the other planes. She says the material plane is heading into darkness and shows Pavel the gray and washed out aether. Mialee blamed the Argon Empire and their use of Aether energy for their advanced technology as the blame.

Pavel requested Aelar join his causes on the material plane, and was just convincing enough to get Mialee to consider it, as long as Aelar held the key to the Feywild to return anytime, as well as a stone of farspeech left behind so they can communicate with Aelar on his journey.

Before the night was over Pavel met with one of the head wizards, Finarfin, and got a few spells (Knock, Water Breathing, Haste). Pavel convinced Finarfin to follow his dream, and go by Blade from now on.


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