The Fate of the Argonian Dynasty

Pavel Re-Enters the Snake Lair

- Pavel somehow got somewhat Bardic, let’s say he picked it up when Elanor was doing her Bastion routine.
- Pavel wants to go back and kill the snakes. All the snakes.
- Pavel tells Elanor ‘Ay yo, put on some mage armor’. And then she did.
- The gang approach the Temple, noticing that the gate is closed, with a stone pillar left out in the center top of the stairs, with a glowing yellow orb entangled on the top of the stone pillar
- Pavel is super hesitant about the pillar and stuff, making everyone do checks. Cato notices it is conjuration magic. Pavel has Elanor do Dispel Magic and it partially works, breaking the summoning stone just after it summons an earth elemental. Although the gang break it apart before it even forms.
- Pavel heads down the same path as before, towards the prison, cuz he doesn’t want to mix anything up.
- They make it to the altar, noticing the dead bodies of almost a hundred Yuan Ti, with the Yuan-Ti Anathema making some chant at the snake head key at the altar.
- Pavel uses some nasty smell of a hawk to distract the Yuan Ti Anathema escape with the key up the snake head where the party stayed from before.

Pavel enters the snake Lair

- Aelar has been telegraphing every (mostly useless) information he has been seeing while staking out on high statues inside the white spire.
- Pavel tells Aelar to make notes instead of talking your mental ear off.
- Cato shows Pavel the breathing masks that can be used to breathe in air in poisonous environments. He was only able to make 4, and Pavel determines himself, Cato, Elanor, and Tanner.
- Pavel knows about the Yuan – Ti, Cato talks about how they are taking over the city from the shadows now that they have a footing. Pavel alludes that Einar might know more than he is letting up, and recommends Erland and Aelar to go scouting for trouble.
- Cato has been giving Tanner some good shit to make him feel ready for the road ahead.
- Pavel told Aelar and Erland on the Halura streets and killin em.
- Pavel tries to convince Elanor to go into the sewers with them
- Pavel encounters the lizard folk who were messing with clothes, Pavel speaking draconic was able to convince them he was one of their ‘masters’, which scared the lizardfolk into submission.
- Pavel learns the god the Yuan-Ti worship here is Dendar.
- After fighting some guards the group makes it into the Temple. Pavel notices scratch marks that lead down one of the three pathways that branch off from the entrance room.
- The winding path they took had them fight undead snake monsters, and the group burned a group of guards as well while they were sleeping.
- Aelar over comms told them Paba and a few others from the Salt Lick were missing while the group was healing during a rest.
- The group found the human prisoners, including Paba who was being tortured in a mechanical snake mouth in some torture chamber.
- The path the group was taking was the inside of a stone snake creature, with the torture chamber being formed into a snakes head, with the open mouth and tongue leading into an alter room
- At the altar is a giant multiheaded snake creature with the name of, Itza
- After some intimidation Itza made a deal with Pavel that he could freely take the prisoners if Pavel doesn’t kill them. Cato was initially concerned about leaving the Key, which looked to be in the shape of a snake skull in stone.
- Pavel and the group saved the prisoners, bringing most out on a floating disk he conjured and brought them to the white spires. Pavel swore to go back right away and kill the remaining Yuan-Ti.

Pavel learns about fate and the Argons

- Pavel goes to mining camps to see how he can help. He sees mining foreman Gron Zumonin. Gron mention that the Thalmaturgy hasn’t been helping as much.
- Pavel wants to take ownership of mines, goes to see Iwan. Talks to Clara, she is frantic.
- Iwan explains how Argonian Empire is trying to take ownership of Halura from the Thalmaturgy from their broken treaty for not keeping the citizens safe from local threats.
- Pavel took partial ownership of the mines by helping funding the excavation effort, gave 1k and his salary from the thaumaturgy to pay up to 2k, 1k gold every for weeks.
- Goes to see Nerden Zukal for more transmutation, he is trying to create a mineral that can detect poison in liquids. Pavel helps him in his progress. Pavel got fabricate from Nerden for helping him out.
- Erland tells Pavel that he is a part of Moon Sight. Mentions he’s looking for the source of funding behind the Broken Bones attacks.
- Pavel got with Elanor and the professors to help prepare for the interrogation of Rithelm
- Clairis saw what they were doing and wished them luck.
- Nerden sealed the entrance behind them with a stone wall
- Pavel and Elanor got information, out of Rithelm, about The Fate, the underground cult that seems to be funding the Broken Bones, and the explosions at the mine. They were able to find out that some force inside the Argonian empire seems to be a source of the funding.
- Elanor and Pavel relayed the information to Einar about what they learned, Einar shows the coming airships of the Argon Empire.
- The next day Pavel and Co go to meet the coming Argon Empire, and they see their ships land, one small 2 medium size, but before all the Argon soldiers can undock out comes Cato, an Artificer, and Tanner, a Fighter, from the smaller ship that pulled Erland aside. Erland then pulled Pavel and
Aelar aside.
- Cato talked a bunch about how much he knew about Pavel, more than just what Erland told him in his notes. Cato says he’s a part of Moon Sight, a sort of high ranking official.
- Pavel brought Cato up to speed, telling him everything, even the part of Aelar having the key.
- Cato was able to sense the coming attack from underground, the ground cracked and snakes started flowing out, and SNAKES. So the group started fighting a bunch of Yuan-Ti. They were able to fight a bunch off but Tanner got hit a bunch and got a heavy dose of venom.
- Pavel communicated with Elanor and Einar, learning the locations of both. Elanor was able to make it to the White Spire after being cut off from the group, Einar ran bank outside where the landing was.
- Pavel using his wit was able to transmute a bridge out of a tree, and take Einar’s high heel platform shoes, to help Einar and the soldiers make it to the white spire.
- Pavel made a rousing speech on how they will take back their city from whatever is attacking it from below.

The Broken Bones Lair and Back

Pavel makes it through the Broken Bones lair with the help of Elanor Kusk, Erland Gerani, and Aelar Amakiir. Made his way past Jellies, with no problem thanks to Elanor’s high magical abilities. The lair was heavily trapped with illusionary magic and magical traps that sprung. The gang found some infighting members which Pavel killed most of. He let one high-ranking member free, as he turned on Rithelm, as he wasn’t keeping the gold they stole from the bank for themselves. Pavel lets him go, and on his way out he killed a low ranking member of the Broken Bones gang in front of Pavel and Co. Pavel finds Rithelm in the head of his lair, almost like he was waiting for them. He and Elanor knew each other, they dated when they were in school together and she didn’t know he was leading the gang. Rithelm mentioned that the gold was already mostly taken, pointing to a hidden passage he was defending. He used great Illusionary magic which Elanor fought equally with until Pavel and gang brought him under. Elanor kept him under a trance as they turned in and reported to Einar Kusk.

Pavel kept 1.5k gp that he looted from the broken bones, and gave 1.6k back to the bank that was stolen from.

Also Clara works for Iwan now.

Pavel wanders Haluraa dealing with too many mages
No you can't have every mage in your party

- Pavel goes to see Durane, durane is cooking, Pavel brought durane mold wine to just to talk and butter him up in order to get some good good spells. After he was buttered up, he got Fireball and Sending
- Pavel goes to see Wyn, the head Thaumaturgist of Necromancy and Conjuration, haughty and toughty, very interested in secrets and being in the know. Wyn wanting to know more offered up Eye Bite, and Pavel also recieved Feign Death. Wyn likes Pavel and getting to know the secrets.
- Pavel then goes to see Cilia, head of evocation, acts like a old lady, but is actually younger-middle aged. Soft spoken, not in the know, just likes peace and quite. Keeps everything cute, organized, and locked away, very careful.
- Goes to the Salt Lick, Paba wasn’t at counter, and see Elanor portraying Bastion, and having a grand a time. Elanor talks about how she doesn’t want to get involved.
- Pavel sees Erland, who is fixing up his armor, pavel gives him his transmutation stone for dark vision, Pavel catches him to the deets. Erland insinuates that it might be another Key (like the Fey key he got) that opened up a big boom boom in the mine.
- They hear an explosion and they all go running, Pavel drags Elanor with him. It was the bank, Clara was throwing alchemy crap and slowed down a guard who was blinded, Elanor gleamed the information from him. And they make their way into the bandit hideout.
- Pavel makes a large noise to get into the hideout, like twice, traps were sprung like some barrels of black pudding. The gang take them out pretty easily since Elanor is there, and Pavel gives her a quick peptalk to encourage her to go hard core.

Pavel leaves the Feywild and finds Hell
Out of the forest and into the fire

Pavel wakes up to find Charbor alright out of the room, talking to the locals outside in the tent village of Sigil. Charbor tells Pavel that he desires to stay as he found his connection to the Feywild and its people, but promises he won’t be gone forever. Pavel agrees to let Charbor stay, along with Caar.

Pavel follows his agreement to Mialee Ilphelkiir and leaves her a stone of far speech and giving his Fey Key (Chauntea’s Diadem) to Aelar Amakiir. Mialee told Pavel how to active the key, to imagine energy flowing through him into the key and imagining a place someone close in distance on the material plane. She steps back and Pavel does so, bringing himself, Erland Gerani and Aelar all into the material plane at the Bennigans. With Aelar’s high perception they were able to find a Monte Cristo, that Pavel promised he would bring back to Iwan Amastacia.

Once Pavel and Co. leave the Fyrekeep Forest they find the Temple of Chauntea and the Halura Mines under ablaze. There were demon like creatures attacking from inside, Pavel did detect speech and found out that they didn’t know where they were and were pissed. Pavel disposed of them and killed the demons. Pavel and Co also rushed into the mines and saved 4 miners. Pavel told Erland to get the dank fire gear off the big demon dude they got, Erland commits that it’s a little too gothic for his tastes but will make it work.

As the guards approached he explained the story of what happened to him and the mines, and who Aelar was. Pavel just said Aelar is with him and not that he was from the Fey. Pavel explains the scenario like 10 times on the way to Haluraa. But Pavel does tell the whole truth to Iwan, who was very impressed. Iwan also got his Monte Cristo.

Pavel then told what happened once again to Einar Kusk. Einar was obviously distracted, his sister comforting him. He told Pavel to keep it on the downlow. Pavel is rewarded 3k for saving the miners from the city, Pavel’s new mission is to find out what happened in the mines. Pavel gives 1k to Erland and 1k to Aelar. Pavel has Aelar move in with him, and all is good.

Pavel finds the Feywild
Thanks to his magic rock and stick collection

Pavel finds himself in the Feywild, after a hag activated his Diadon, but does he realize this yet? With him is Erland and Charbor

Pavel meets Aelar Amakiir being attacked by Red Slaadi, Pavel makes a wonderful perception check and saves him just in time, with Charbor saving him. After Pavel knocks the Slaadi out with some mean Witches Bolts he checks up on Aelar. Aelar only talks in Elvish, being an elf from the Feywild, but speaks of the town him is from Moon Sight, which is the holding of elves, being led by Mialee Ilphelkiir, who spoke of wanting to keep the Elves under her protection. Aelar doesn’t expect Pavel to have the key, and doesn’t expect anyone from the material plane, saying that they are all fading away.

Pavel finds Dian, the original holder of his Woodland Staff, near a mirror lake. He was badly wounded, and infected with Slaadi eggs. He asked Pavel if he is putting his old staff into good use, Pavel said he was. After a few moments his stomach busted three Slaadi tadpoles, Pavel disposed of them all with acid spray.

Pavel finds Moon Sight, notices its makeshift walls of shiny dark rocks, and makeshift gate, of dark and almost metallic sliding panels. He makes his way past the tent village of the underclass and, after passing Dian off to the officials for proper burial, makes his was to see Mialee.

Mialee spoke to Pavel of the weakening weave of energy that holds the planes together, saying the material plane has, in recent couple hundrer years, has been pushed ‘out of orbit’ from the natural harmony of the other planes. She says the material plane is heading into darkness and shows Pavel the gray and washed out aether. Mialee blamed the Argon Empire and their use of Aether energy for their advanced technology as the blame.

Pavel requested Aelar join his causes on the material plane, and was just convincing enough to get Mialee to consider it, as long as Aelar held the key to the Feywild to return anytime, as well as a stone of farspeech left behind so they can communicate with Aelar on his journey.

Before the night was over Pavel met with one of the head wizards, Finarfin, and got a few spells (Knock, Water Breathing, Haste). Pavel convinced Finarfin to follow his dream, and go by Blade from now on.

Previously on the Pavel Zone
Pavel gets down

Pavel began his Journey working for The Thaumaturgy of Halura as an ambassador that dealt with Human / Elf relations.


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